Up to Speed

So this is my first post and I'm hoping to be able to give a fun, informative blog about my life here at MSU!

I have been quite busy with school work lately. I'm taking two classes that require a great deal of out-of-class writing and project-making and I'm also taking Organic Chemistry which takes studying in a good chunk of what time is left. I'm also working for Career, Internship and Student Employment as a Career Peer. This would generally mean very little in my workload, however, one of MSU's 5 Career Fairs is coming up THIS WEEK!!! Add to that my Fraternity's Charter Banquet is this Saturday and my parents are flying in on Friday and you have one very tired college student! I found time this weekend to enjoy myself, had about 5 hours free and decided to grab one of my bro's and hike Triple Tree (it's a short hike just south of campus). It was a great alternative to homework and studying all weekend, I got some fresh air and some beautiful views! Wish I had brought my camera so I could share some pictures; this blog is a learning experience for going hiking prepared, how funny is that? haha

I'm planning on going on a nice long night-hike up the College M Monday with a different brother and it should be fun! I've done the M night hike a ton recently because during the week I don't have the time to jet off campus. It works out great, mostly because I love seeing the stars out here, with the clean air and few clouds stargazing is a hobby I probably won't ever give up!

Since I want you all to see the wonderful Bozeman area from a student's perspective I will include some of my photographs from my Freshman year. I will continue to include photographs with my posts, whether recent or in the past, I hope they convey my love of this area! I do have to warn you though, I got my camera during the winter and I'm really itching to go skiing again so these pictures have lots of snow in them...

That is the footbridge over Roskie's Creek.

This is the Cliff south of Mundy's Bowl in the backcountry of Bridger Bowl.

That is my friend Kevin, he enjoys skiing, but I don't actually see his skis touch the snow often...

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