Ski Season? So soon?

So it's been a while since I posted. I got a bit overworked in the last few weeks studying for midterms and doing projects. However, I have great news! Bridger Bowl, Big Sky Resort and Moonlight Basin will all be open within the week! How? you might ask: We got over 3' of snow in the mountains!!!! there has been quite a bit in town too, making the MSU Campus quite seasonable looking! I've really enjoyed this year's snowfall, already I have gone sledding, skiing and hunting/hiking in it and I love snow! The ski bus to Moonlight and Big Sky is running again and I can't wait for some free rides up to the mountain! My favorite part of this past week was when the temps dropped to -20sF and it was still snowing... crazy weather, glad the temps came back up to a reasonable 15-20F though cause negatives make walking to school less than appealing... Bozeman seems to be loving the snow too, I've seen numerous snowmen around town, a good sign that the kids are enjoying themselves... Ironically, there were a few on campus too, if you know where to look (Hannon north yard, Roskie Fields, Art Complex and the Quads) you're bound to find some snowmen, if not plenty of snowman making material! Spirit was quite covered the last time I saw him, but looking as good as ever! haha

Oh, I almost forgot to mention: Brawl of the Wild was quite successful this year, for those of you who are thinking "why would people have a brawl in the middle of nowhere?" it is a highly contested football game between the Montana State Bobcats and that other team... WE WON THIS YEAR!!!! First time since 2005!!!! We get to go to the playoffs!!! which are Here this year!!! Can't wait, it will be so much fun and with our team I bet we make it to at least the second game of the playoffs. The fans of that other team were quite sad to see their loss, I had to console no less than one friend who was a fan of those guys... GO BOBCATS!!!!

While I do not hunt yet, I have been following the progress of a few friends who do hunt... Each has gotten their deer, some have gotten two already and I am looking forward to some amazing Montanan Venison sometime in the future!

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